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What to Expect at your Office Visit

First Office Visit:

Prior to your first office visit, first intake paperwork MUST be filled out and emailed to This will assist Dr. Miravone in providing the best care for you during your visit. This document can be found under the Getting Started tab and New Patient Forms.  


The first office visit is a full comprehensive visit that covers your health concerns in detail. Dr. Miravone structures your visit to include questions regarding the possible determinants that may be impacting your health. The initial visit includes a full intake, exam, and an individualized treatment plan focused on your specific health concerns.  Please expect that your first office visit will last approximately 90 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for pediatric (up to age 17). 


For a first office visit for chiropractic services only: please expect an approximately 60-minute session that includes focused intake as well as a therapy session. Any additional chiropractic services outside of your first visit, please expect your visit to last approx. 20-25 minutes. 


Accupuncture- includes a focused intake and an individualized therapy session. 


In order to maximize and better utilize your scheduled appointment time to address your health concerns and needs, please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your FIRST office visit to check in and to complete any additional paperwork that may be needed.  


Return Office Visits: 

A return office visit may be a follow up of your previous visit or to address a new concern. Dr. Miravone will continue to discuss concerns regarding the optimization of your health as well as continue any therapies that have been recommended. Please expect a return office visit to last approximately 30 minutes. 


Telephone Consultations: 

Patients are welcomed to call and ask questions (email can be an option for clarification of treatment plan or miscellaneous questions). If the phone consultation requires a visit, the patient will be asked to make an appointment right away.


Currently Dr. Miravone is only in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield IL – PPO. 


Payment Policy: 

All payments including, but not limited to, co-pays, therapies, etc., are due in full at the time of service. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are an accepted method of payment. 


Past-due amounts:

Accounts that are not paid in full will incur a financial charge of 1.5% on the total amount. Past due accounts that show to have zero activity for more than 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency.


Cancellation Policy:

Patient must cancel their appointment within 24 hours before the scheduled time or they will be charged $100.00 for new visits and $50.00 for return office visits/therapies. Patients that are 15 minutes or more late to their appointment will be asked to reschedule or accrue a missed appointment fee.


Office hours (by appointment only):

Wednesday- 10a-5p

Friday – 10a-6:30p
Saturday – 8-2p


More information/questions:

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