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Supplements: Homeopathy, Botanicals, and Nutriceuticals
Clinical/Functional Nutrition

Dr. Miravone will work with you to customize a nutritional plan fit for you by utlizing principals taken from various nutrition experts. There are too many diets out there that do not work for everyone, so Dr. Miravone will be available to individualize your nutrition as much as possible. Food allergy testing is also available through ELISA ACT, Genova, and LabCorp.


Dr. Miravone's ultimate goal is for you to not need her and to sustain optimal health utilizing FOOD AS MEDICINE. However, with our environment, epigenitic history, food quality, etc, our bodies need more support. Therefore, we utilize gentle supplements to help bring the body back to balance as much as psosible.

Dr. Miravone grew up surrounded by oriental medicine from various long-term practitioneres in her family and family friends. Acupuncture became a very natural way to utilize her love for natural medicine and can be utilized to treat various conditions such as pain, infertility, anxiety, stress, and helping to maintain a healthy pregnancy as well as induce labor! Dr. Miravone is constantly studying Acupuncture and plans to dedicate her continuing education seminars to improving that skill set.


Dr. Miravone had the opportunity to treat elite athletes prior to completing her Naturopathic degree and loves manual therapy by utilizing myofascial release techniques along with Chiropractic manipulation. As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Miravone believes that re-establishing the basis for health can be positively influenced, whether it be immune function, strutural integrity, or stress management, by Chiropracitc medicine.

Chiropractic care

How can we serve you?


Below are some services that can be provided to you as a part of your treatment to optimize your health!

Other services include: Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Weight Loss support, Pediatric/Adult Wellness exams, Health Coaching

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