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"We began seeing Dr. Miravone after my 1 year old had 7 ear infections in less than 6 months. I was tired of the antibiotics and repeated sickness. After a month of seeing her, my son was feeling better and his ears and lungs were clear! The next time he got a cold, it only lasted a few days and was not severe! My family is very thankful for Dr. Miravone!" -A.P. (female)

"I recently went to see Dr. Miravone because I was experiencing severe lower back pain after having my 4th baby and returning to my exercise routine. She assessed me, made me comfortable, and really took her time to help relieve my pain. After my follow up visit, she cleared me for running, which I can now do without pain in my back, knees, and ankles! She is amazing! I would highly recommend her!!" -K.H.B (female)

"My infant son had eczema on his face and chest and I tried numerous remedies, but none were successful. After following a suggestion from Dr. Miravone Dorough, my son's eczema cleared completely within two weeks. After 8 months of red, rashy skin, he finally had the clear, baby soft skin I had been hoping to achieve. Not only is she a pleasant and kind person, her advice was also spot on. I would highly recommend Dr. Miravone Dorough." -A.G. (female)

"I started seeing Dr. Miravone after I lost feeling in my foot and my back surgeon had prescribed Lyrica. The Lyrica was making me tired and I hated it. After one or two sessions (with Dr. Miravone), the feeling had come back even though my surgeon said it might not. I haven't been taking Lyrica for about a month and my back feels better than ever!" -C.T. (male)

"I started seeing Dr. Miravone when I wanted to get my body balanced out so I could start weaning myself from Zoloft...With her help (and my primary Dr.'s approval) I have begun the process of weaning. I feel AMAZING since starting my supplements 6 weeks ago and I am overall HAPPIER! My mood is becoming stabilized rather than all over the place." -J.F. (female)

"Dr. Miravone is the only doctor who has helped improve my daughters health after 2 other doctors just trying to put her on medication. She had begun to heal naturally! We are extremely grateful for her!" -V.A.N. (female)

"I started going to see Dr. Miravone for anxiety and headaches. From the very first appointment, I felt like she really listened to me. Through a change in diet, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustment, I feel like a new person! I am very thankful for her care and expertise." -J.Z. (female)

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